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You can use the AdSense revenue calculator to get a rough estimate of how much you can make each year from YouTube. The estimate from Google's calculator can be quite tempting, so make sure to consider the pros and cons of becoming a YouTuber before you decide on becoming a full-time YouTuber for certain. It can be a rough ride, and failure isn't entirely impossible. YouTube charges contractors $0.18 per view on average. YouTube pays 68% of this rate to YouTubers through Google AdSense. This is a very good rate, as it means that, in theory, you would get $0.12 for every view-and so $122 for every 1,000 views.

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Reading through the community I've seen that there's a lot of anger regarding the reviews, because let's be honest they are UNFAIR. My last guest left me a two star review complaining about stuff that is in the pictures and specified in my announcment (for example not having furniture in the terrace, we don't have any due to the wind and horrible polution of the city). The worst part is that he didn't complain about anything during his TWO week stay, he only asked for a juice blender and it was given to him inmediately. This comes just after my previous guest, practicaly stayed for one extra day because she felt bad, broke my sofa cama and of course left me a terrible review because I charged her $60 usd. Now airbnb penalized me taking the anouncment down, and they won't delete the last review . I'm just so frustrated right now, I have the lowest rating I've ever had in one of my announcments (4 stars) and I don't know what to do. The owner of the apartment (I'm just the host) want's to take it down and honestly I don't feel like dealing with these people anymore. They pay half or even more less than they will do in a hotel and they complain because you don't have every single thing they expect. I've stayed in airbnbs in a lot of places and they are all different and most of them are not fully equiped, but when using airbnb you stay at somebody elses house so you must adapt. A very frustrated host.

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its website. There are a lot of products that are sold on The products are is a global leader in providing customers with a wide variety of products

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