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Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases. Like everything else, the cost of books keeps increasing. And while e-books are certainly cheaper than their print counterparts (hence the popularity of e-readers like Kindles), they're still an expense that adds up, especially for avid readers. Life is short and your wallet is thin, so why pay for a book you may not enjoy when there are free Kindle books you can try out?

Here is the problem that fake reviews can face: The people who post the fake reviews, their address on the internet is an IP address, a unique number that belongs to their internet service provider and is associated with their geographical location. These good folks in India even have a tech solution ("software") to make the fake reviews seem un-fake by using a fake location, "which will create trust and endorse your business." To repeat that paragraph above:

Could you put your own spin on an existing product and make it better? Check out these 38 online business ideas to hear from successful entrepreneurs who turned their passion into thriving businesses.

Here are the requirements to join the TikTok Creator Marketplace: Have an account in good standing.

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How Does Wattpad Work?

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ever be able to get another one." Related: Amazon payouts for small businesses are a in. But there's nothing to show for it. Every month, Amazon asks me if I want a refund.

Does Amazon punish fake reviews? Because she owns her own store and makes A LOT more money than that each mo

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